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24-SLOT LIPSTICK ORGANIZER FOR REGULAR SIZED LIPSTICKS. High Quality and durable hard clear plastic lipstick organizer. Holds...
PHP 210.00
COSMETIC ORGANIZER. Multi-purpose cosmetic organizer for personal items. Can be used for make-up, toiletries, supplies, etc. 
PHP 300.00
Acrylic Lipstick Holder Square. Lipstick organizer that holds 9 regular sized lipsticks. Small and compact and fits in any...
PHP 160.00
Display Stand Set Of 2
PHP 50.00
Out Of Stock
Aluminum cased pen lights with lensend bulb. Ideal for doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners. Useful also for...
PHP 60.00
Plastic Multi purpose Holder can be used to dry makeup brushes, use as ball pen stands, paint brushes and others.
PHP 135.00
easiest way to sort, count, and organize pills and other small items
PHP 500.00
Acrylic Round Lipstick Holder. Lipstick organizer that holds up to 6 lipsticks and 6 lip brushes/pencils.
PHP 160.00
Hexagon shaped blue pill organizer. Easily fits in pockets, purse. Can store up to 1 week of vitamin, pills, etc.
PHP 45.00
4" Happy Troll Doll (6 Asstd)
PHP 80.00
Acrylic looking Cotton Swab Holder in clear plastic.
PHP 40.00
The Dog design. Large face small body. This plush toy can be used as key chain, bag ornament or car window display
PHP 100.00
Flexible Marker Traffic Cones (Pack Of 4)
PHP 80.00
Amazing Grater
PHP 100.00
The Apex LED Penlight is a reliable on the go flash light which you can conveniently stow in a pocket, purse, backpack, or tool...
PHP 200.00
Store beads, pins, sequins and other sewing accessories neatly in a multi compartment box. Great for arts and crafts.
PHP 145.00
Detect ear infections early. Understand your child's symptoms. Save time and cost from visiting the doctor only when necessary....
PHP 300.00
Cake testers ensure your cake is baked all around. Use this tool to see if the cake is properly baked.
PHP 60.00
Portable Cup stores medicine, tablets, pills and converts into a cup to help with water intake while on the go.
PHP 45.00
This Denture Box is a strong storage container ideal for hygienically storing dentures, braces, gum shields and other...
PHP 100.00
Small Tote Basket for quick grocery shopping, bath essentials caddy, laundry basket, clothes hamper
PHP 85.00
Laundry Basket 16" Diameter
PHP 120.00
Classic Chess Board game in plastic set pieces.
PHP 100.00
6 Pcs. Cutter Set For Baking
PHP 85.00

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