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Variety of Table Top Ornaments, Decors and Figurines to accentuate your home

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Dollhouse Clock Medium
PHP 900.00
Duck Bobblehead with welcome message: MABUHAY TULOY KAYO SA PILIPINAS PHP 160/PAIR
PHP 160.00
Mabuhay Duck Head Wobbler. Great for car decor. Makes memorable souvenir for people who come to the philippines and try balot.
PHP 100.00
Pair Pig Sandals for decoration
PHP 185.00
One Pair Boy/Girl Mending Heart Big
PHP 335.00
B/O Mobile Cupid Design
PHP 370.00
One Pair Boy/Girl Mending Heart Medium
PHP 235.00
One Pair Come Together Boy W/ Skateboard
PHP 250.00
One Pair Come Together Girl W/ Shades
PHP 250.00
Teddies W/ Airplane
PHP 370.00
Teddies W/ Boat
PHP 370.00
Teddies W/ Train
PHP 370.00

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