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Storage containers for jewelry and cosmetics. Organize your dresser space and showcase your collection in a neat...

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Sparkle coated Heart Shaped Jewelry Box
PHP 45.00
Sparkle coated Round Jewelry Box
PHP 45.00
Sparkle coated Star shaped Jewelry Box
PHP 45.00
Cotton Swab / Cotton Buds Organizer for dresser
PHP 40.00
Out Of Stock
Acrylic looking Cotton Swab Holder in clear plastic.
PHP 40.00
Cosmetic Set W/ Case
PHP 150.00
Set up your nail polish bottle in this stand for convenient application. It tilts the bottle so that you can reach the bottom....
PHP 40.00
Lipstick Case
PHP 100.00
Jewel Organizer W/ Earring Holder
PHP 90.00
Piano black finish musical jewelry box with mirror. Wind up action for melancholy music that lets you reminisce of fond memories.
PHP 470.00
Deluxe Case Jewelry Organizer
PHP 170.00
Portable Lipstick Case with Mirror. Holds 2 lipsticks.
PHP 80.00
Glass House designed jewelry organizer, coin bank
PHP 100.00
Deluxe Musical Jewelry Chest Green
PHP 535.00
Deluxe Musical Jewelry Chest Red
PHP 535.00
Flock Ring Box Frog
PHP 45.00
Flock Ring Box Crab
PHP 45.00
Flock Ring Box Octopus
PHP 45.00
COSMETIC ORGANIZER. Multi-purpose cosmetic organizer for personal items. Can be used for make-up, toiletries, supplies, etc. 
PHP 300.00
Plastic Multi purpose Holder can be used to dry makeup brushes, use as ball pen stands, paint brushes and others.
PHP 135.00
Cosmetic Organizer with Mirror. Organize dresser with this versatile kit.
PHP 185.00
Cosmetic Bear
PHP 70.00

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