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Travel Kit essentials
PHP 70.00
Travel Kit W/ Band Aid
PHP 90.00
Luggage & Bag Tags with window
PHP 30.00
Soft touch handle wrap for any bag. Prevent hand blisters and callouses.
PHP 100.00
Portable Massager with FlashLight
PHP 270.00
Soda Can shaped sports container for keeping valuables. Great to use at the beach, pool or adventure activities.
PHP 90.00
Foldable Travel Toothbrush
PHP 15.00
Don't lose your luggage when travelling. Label them with these Luggage Tags and let airport staff know how to reach you in case...
PHP 40.00
Translucent Rectangular Luggage Tag / Bag Tag
PHP 30.00
Translucent Semi-Oval Luggage Tag / Bag Tag
PHP 30.00
Mini Portable Round Ash Tray
PHP 45.00
Mini Portable Oval Ash Tray
PHP 45.00

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