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Toiletries, Toothbrush holders, combs, brushes. Little things to personalize the way you care for yourself.

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Good hygiene is the best protection against sickness. Get that squeaky clean feeling and prevent getting sick by scrubbing with...
PHP 20.00
Dual Purpose Long Shoehorn For Putting Shoes On While Standing And Back Scratcher For Relief On Those Hard To Reach Places On...
PHP 110.00
Travel Bathroom Set. Includes Comb, Brush, Mirror, Soap Case, Cup And Carrying Pouch.
PHP 200.00
Eyebrow Cosmetic Brush Set
PHP 50.00
Travel Kit essentials
PHP 70.00
Travel Kit W/ Band Aid
PHP 90.00
Sewing Needle Set
PHP 20.00
Shoes are an investment. Ensure they last longer by properly storing them in these containers, keeping dust and other air...
PHP 120.00
Set up your nail polish bottle in this stand for convenient application. It tilts the bottle so that you can reach the bottom....
PHP 40.00
Luggage & Bag Tags with window
PHP 30.00
Beauty Product
PHP 65.00
Beauty Product
PHP 30.00
Beauty Product
PHP 35.00
Out Of Stock
12pcs Value Pack Comb Set
PHP 85.00
AUTO NAIL DRYER Fast nail drying device.´╗┐
PHP 160.00
Folding Pocket Comb Knife design. Balicomb
PHP 40.00
Comb, Brush and Mirror Set. Great as travel kit
PHP 55.00
Plastic Belt Hanger. Hold 6 belts and easily hang onto any clothing rack.
PHP 55.00
Soft touch handle wrap for any bag. Prevent hand blisters and callouses.
PHP 100.00
Plush Pillow / Blanket - Donkey
PHP 670.00
Plush Pillow / Blanket - Piglet´╗┐
PHP 670.00
Plush Pillow / Blanket - Tigger
PHP 670.00
Plush Pillow / Blanket - Monkey
PHP 670.00
Plush Pillow / Blanket - Power Puff Girls Orange Blossom
PHP 670.00

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