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Seven Day Pill Holder to properly manage medication for the week. Great for Vitamins, tablets, supplements and pills.
PHP 75.00
Pill box organizer good for one week. Great for Vitamins, tablets, supplements and pills.
PHP 75.00
Crush pills into smaller pieces for easier intake or lowering of dosage. Includes caddy to store pills.
PHP 50.00
Easily Open Pill Bottles
PHP 35.00
Detachable pill boxes to manage one week medication for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Great for vitamins, tablets,...
PHP 270.00
Accurately taking vitamins or medication is very important. These Mini Medicine cups not only provide hygienic means to take...
PHP 90.00
Pill box with 7 compartments to fill medicines, vitamins, tablets, supplements and pills. Enough for one week supply.
PHP 60.00
Hexagon shaped weekly pill organizer with large space per compartment. Properly labeled for each day of the week
PHP 150.00
14 compartments to plan out 2 weeks of medication,vitamins, tablets, pills and supplements
PHP 145.00
Store and Organize beads, buttons, sequins, charms, earrings, rings, jewelry and the like in this clear plastic organizer. 
PHP 120.00
Hexagon shaped blue pill organizer. Easily fits in pockets, purse. Can store up to 1 week of vitamin, pills, etc.
PHP 45.00
Easily open tightly sealed medicine bottles with this medication bottle opener.
PHP 30.00

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