Vanity Mirrors for dressers, pocket mirrors and the like. Available fo retail purchase, resellers and corporate giveaway

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Mini house mirror with bell
PHP 40.00
Heart Shaped Compact Mirror. Travel and Portable compact mirror
PHP 45.00
Two-Way Compact Mirror Silver Color
PHP 70.00
Rotating round makeup mirror with Photo frame on the back side.
PHP 80.00
Portable Lipstick Case with Mirror. Holds 2 lipsticks.
PHP 80.00
Two Sided Handheld Mirror
PHP 90.00
Adjustable Mirror W/ Suction
PHP 85.00
Compact Lite Make Up Mirror easily attached to the sun visor. Includes a tissue holder and battery powered lights to help see...
PHP 125.00
Ring Mirror
PHP 50.00
Mirror with suction cup. Attach to any smooth surface.
PHP 60.00
Dual-Sided mirror with Magnifying and Regular mirrors. Rotates to your preference. Perfect for your vanity dresser. 
PHP 120.00
Photo Frame with Mirror swivel picture frame design. Great as wedding photo frame for display on dresser.
PHP 120.00

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