Keep your pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips and the like neatly organized with these desk organizers

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Motorcycle Designed Desk Organizer. Desk Decoration But Functional With Its Included Memo Pad, Pencil And Eraser.
PHP 300.00
Dr. Duck Multipurpose Desk Organizer. Adds A Quirky Way To Organize School And Office Desks.
PHP 200.00
Bear Designed Desk Organizer With Memo Pad, Pen Holder, Sharpener.
PHP 200.00
Tape Dispenser W/ Drawer
PHP 170.00
Antique Decorative Penholder
PHP 75.00
Turtle shaped stationery set
PHP 80.00
Lady Bug Office Desk Organizer
PHP 145.00
Small portable utility box for screws, resistors, semiconductors and other tiny items.
PHP 145.00
Letter Stand Desk Organizer. Manage letters and mail neatly on your desk.
PHP 100.00
Lady Bug Desk Organizer
PHP 60.00
Handy, portable storage box for all your nails, screws, bulbs, beads, trinkets and stuff. 2 Sided storage for maximized space...
PHP 225.00
Bring this portable storage box anywhere. It has 9 compartments and a convenient handle for carrying. 
PHP 400.00
Stackable Desk Organizer is a modular desk filing tray. 25x33x3cm
PHP 80.00
Out Of Stock
Cassette Organizer. Organize and Store Vintage Cassette Tapes in a proper place.
PHP 270.00
Capsule Clip Dispenser
PHP 45.00
Household basket for use as magazine rack, clothes hamper or Toy storage. Compact and Easily assembles. 35x35x2cm
PHP 160.00
Soccer Calendar
PHP 250.00
Out Of Stock
Letter Stand
PHP 75.00
Cd Holder
PHP 90.00
Recycle Plastic Bags and use them as waste bins. Keep them upright and in place using this environment friendly Bag holder.
PHP 90.00
Desk Mate
PHP 70.00
Calendar Memo Cube
PHP 150.00
Office Playmate
PHP 100.00
Memo Note Pad
PHP 20.00

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