School/Office Supplies

School/Office Supplies

Stationeries, Desk Organizers, Pens, Erasers and things related with School and Office Supplies

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Card Case For Business Cards. With Telephone Directory And Small Pen.
PHP 45.00
Animal Sandtimer Bear
PHP 90.00
Animal Sandtimer Dog
PHP 90.00
Animal Sandtimer Penguin
PHP 90.00
Sandtimer Telephone Design Big
PHP 100.00
Sandtimer Egg Design Small
PHP 75.00
Egg Sand timer. Cook eggs to perfection. Watch the sand timer drop and find eggs cooked just right.
PHP 100.00
Octagon Oil Paperweight
PHP 165.00
Animal Sandtimer Monkey
PHP 90.00
Sandtimer for use with games, kitchen, etc
PHP 40.00
Press A Matic Phone Finder
PHP 70.00
Cassette Library Album
PHP 90.00

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