Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

Because you love your pet. Accessories to pamper your most precious companion.

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Big Round Dog Dish with non slip feet. 29x7cm
PHP 95.00
2 Compartment Dog Dish with non slip feet. 12.5x25.5x4cm
PHP 75.00
Flea comb set for pets. Includes metal bristles, plastic bristles in different sizes and magnifier to see ticks and fleas...
PHP 75.00
ALL PURPOSE CANISTER - BLUE LID Store petfood, laundry detergent, personal care essentials, etc. Easy to carry with its handle...
PHP 220.00
3pcs. Storage Set plastic container for cereals, pet food, oatmeal, etc.
PHP 370.00
Plastic pet mat to avoid spills and mess on floors when feeding pets.
PHP 90.00
Quickly pick up lint, dust, dandruff and pet hair.
PHP 170.00

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