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Kitchen Ware

Kitchen Related Tools, Accessories and Utilities.

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Nylon net small food cover
PHP 70.00
Nylon Net Big Food Cover
PHP 90.00
4pcs Napkin Ring for fancy table serviceware. Crystal looking plastic.
PHP 50.00
Egg Container
PHP 50.00
Stylish kiddie plate and utensils set. Comes in 2 Flower designed plates, 2 Forks, 2 Spoons, 2 Knives. Ideal for kiddie...
PHP 100.00
Piano designed toothpick dispenser
PHP 50.00
Feeding Bottle Holder
PHP 55.00
Animal designed funny straw. Bring fun and quirk to any beverage.
PHP 25.00
Bear Mug
PHP 75.00
Kiddie Love Feeding Dish W/ 3 Spoons
PHP 200.00
Kiddie Love Feeding Dish in Octopus design with built-in suction to keep dish in place for mess free meals.
PHP 120.00
Easy Hanger Extendable
PHP 225.00

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