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Light related products such as flash lights, push button lamps and the like.

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Stretch Light Is Versatile For Your Needs. Use It As A Flash Light, Torch Light, Lantern, Camping Light, Spot Light And Others.
PHP 400.00
Diamond Lights
PHP 50.00
2 In 1 Lantern &Amp; Flashlight
PHP 200.00
Emergency Flashlight [9102F]
PHP 35.00
B/O Egg Light
PHP 160.00
Portable Light Bulb
PHP 200.00
Pop-Out Flashlight W/ Key Holder
PHP 40.00
Cross Light
PHP 210.00
Flashing Holy Figure Mary
PHP 135.00
Flashing Holy Figure Jesus
PHP 135.00
Cellphone Flashlight
PHP 40.00
B/O Round Mini Lamp
PHP 70.00
Cordless Light Bulb
PHP 210.00
Funny Light
PHP 250.00
Little Bear Relief Light
PHP 125.00
Ghost designed push light that can easily be hanged. Operates on batteries to add a spooky ambient feel.
PHP 150.00
Oil Station Key Torch
PHP 55.00
British mail inspired portable lamp. Quirky, stylish and fun design reminds of England.
PHP 250.00
Compact Light Wrap Around W/ Clip
PHP 70.00
B/O Disco Ball Light
PHP 145.00
Mini Pocket Lamp
PHP 30.00
Mountain Light Keyholder
PHP 125.00
Rotary Head Flashlight(24/BOX)
PHP 35.00
3 In 1 Penlight Cutter
PHP 75.00

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